Economic Assessment of 2,500-Foot Oil and Gas Setback Proposal

CU Leeds REMI Study: Quick Facts on Initiative 78

Research conducted for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, and the Common Sense Policy Roundtable by the: BUSINESS RESEARCH DIVISION Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder 420 UCB Boulder, CO 80309-0420 Telephone: 303-492-3307 June 2016 Business Research Division The Business Research Division (BRD) of the Leeds […]

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 Impacts of Increasing Colorado’s Minimum Wage

Increasing Colorado's Minimum Wage

June 4, 2016 by Eric Fruits, Ph.D. President & Chief Economist Economics International Corp. 503-928-6635 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Economics International Corp. has been retained by the Common Sense Policy Roundtable to evaluate ballot initiatives which would mandate steep increases to Colorado’s minimum wage. The minimum wage initiatives would raise the state’s minimum wage to $12.00 […]

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